Tuesday, January 8, 2013

email 9 mtc - hematuria

Subject: My time is slowly coming to a close! And as far as i know....I'm not dying! :)

Hello one and all!
Well i've had kind of a crazy week! Last week when i emailed, i felt 100% fine and was doing great :) Then on Wednesday, we had lots of excitement, and it just escalated as the week went on! On Wednesday morning, after personal study (Which was great because i studied 1 Samuel and learned all about young David) we went to gym. We usually go on splits to gym (that's why that picture from the Grounds girl was with a different missionary mum! And we get clothes from the older sisters who are leaving that's why you didnt recognize my sweater), sister latimer and ganowsky together to go to cardio, and Sister Anderson and I to the "fun" gym so she can play 4 square and so i can play volleyball. Close to the end of gym time, i realized that my temporary companion was gone! And i was the ONLY sister in the gym!!! I was really worried because i thought that maybe she left early with the other sisters and thought that i was going to leave with some others, so i started looking around for her. It turned out that she had decided to play basketball for a little bit and when she jumped up for the ball, she landed really badly on her ankle and was with the athletic trainers. So i went to her, and she was talking to a trainer. Because of the whole stomach flu epidemic going around, for that day only they had closed the health clinic at the mtc to those with other health problems/injuries and she had to go to the Student Health Center on BYU campus. I went with her, and she had to get an xray of her foot, so i just sat in the waiting room IN MY GYM CLOTHES waiting for an hour and a half while she saw various doctors.
(Funny side note/Awkward Moment!: This guy came in and sat down kind of by me in the waiting room. i think he had a cold or something, and he started up a conversation with me when he randomly asked how long i'd been waiting in line. I told him i was waiting for my companion and you could just see the shock on his face and he went really white, sat back, and was like "Oh.....you're a missionary?!" then he paused....awkwardly asked where i was going...and then was super relieved when they called him name to see the doctor next. It was really funny and I was wearing my name tag in plain sight the whole time....but he got really awkward
While waiting i got to read like 15 chapters in Alma which was FANTASTIC! and a few general conference talks from the ENSIGN which they had in the waiting room....only at BYU....hahahaha sis A finally came out and we went back to the MTC in time to shower, eat lunch, and get to class. THEN....at class right when sis gan and i were going to go teach, this HUGE wave of nausea hit me and i ran to the bathroom and threw up. I'd been having a lot of abdominal pain that day but had ignored it, so my teacher sent me back to our bedroom (if any missionary is feeling at all sick now, they teachers send them back to the dorms right away so that they don't get anyone else sick) and i stayed in the room the rest of the day/night. My companion told me that if i kept feeling super nauseated and in pain, that we would have to see the doctor in the morning, but i was convinced that i just had the same stomach bug everyone else had and wanted to just sleep it off. That day they also made a mtc-wide rule that if you were sick, you could be alone in your room without your companion as long as the door was open, or else too many people were missing class and getting sick from being cooped up with a sick person all day. So on thursday, my companion went to class in the morning, and then came woke me up, ambushed me in my sleepiness, made me put on sweats (i was wearing basketball shorts) and took me to the health clinic. When i got there i waited for 30 mins in the waiting room, 60 min alone in a exam room, and then the doctor spent about 2 minutes with me before he decided to send me to the BYU Health Center Urgent Care because i didn't have the flu, but he thought i might have Appendicits! So i went there and they tested me, and i came back negative for append but postive for Hematuria. So then....they told me i needed CT scan. They thought that i possible had a bladder problem (not infection) or kidney stones in my bowels? that were rubbing against the walls and causing me to bleed internally. So then i went BACK to the MTC health clinic to schedule my ct scan appointment and get a shuttle, then to get the Ct Scan (that took us about an hour and a half there or so) and then back to the MTC to get the results. BUt then they didnt have the results yet, so they sent me back (since i wasnt sick they let me go to class and gym :D) and then i went BACK to the doctors on Friday morning. They found out the CT scan was negative, but i was still having hematuria, so they then scheduled me to see the urologist at the hospital yesterday morning and i got an xray which came back negative, so NOW i have a scope scheduled for Monday morning, and if that comes back normal, then they'll just write me off (pain and nausea and all) and send me to Taiwan. They said that if i did have a problem though that i wouldn't be able to go to Taiwan until they fixed it. Basically now though, until they figure out if there is a problem or not, i cannot go to Taiwan.
But never fear, I know that the Lord called me on this mission for a reason, and that i will be able to go to taiwan. I was able to receive two amazing blessing from my District Leader Elder Gish. The first when we just thought that i had the flu, and the second when i was going to have to go and see all the additional doctors. I know that the Lord will help me, and that i will be able to do what the Lord requires of me if i just believe in him. We should never have fear, because we are meant to succeed. I have angels watching over me, and will receive the help that i require in order to do what the Lord requires :)
I love this gospel so very much, and am honored to have been a missionary of the Lord these 2 months. I cannot wait to see what the next 16 or so months have in store for me, and only hope that i might have the strength necessary to do what i must. I know that the Lord helps those who do their best and trust in him, and that i what i will do! I LOVE YOU ALL! and hope that you continue to read your scriptures and pray EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for i know that the Lord will bless your efforts.

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