Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chronicle of Vasha 14

I'm sorry I'm really short on time, but I'll try to make this as long as I possibly can in the short amount of time that I have. If I have not emailed you back, I will try, I promise....just maybe not this week!

Scripture of the Week:
Romans 8:31 "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?" I love this...because in this day of age, when we know that we will not have another apostasy...we are meant to succeed! How hard it must have been for the prophets of old, to know that they would not succeed in helping everyone repent, but how amazing it is now to know that this work that we are doing will work out! We will succeed! 

Oscar Wilde: "What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." This is so true! What sometimes seem to me as the hardest things i've had to withstand, are also the things that have built my testimony and given me the faith and trust that i have in God today!

***So my bike's back tire totally got slashed!!!! So I've been riding Sister Xiong's old bike....which is TINY! It's like a child's when I ride around...I feel like a real Taiwanese with their small bikes and seats all the way down. My skirts always gets I've found a way to ride with my skirt all folded and tucked so it's like a pair of shorts....of a giant diaper! hahahahahaha I feel like the servant on the little donkey, following the knight on her nice big, comfortable steed! ahahahahahaha it's definitely a new feeling! alright love you all
***I had a really bad headache, so Chen Jiemei, one of the other sister missionaries that lives with us, asked if she could give me a head massage...i said okay....and she went at it! She started hitting and kneading my head....asked if I'd ever broken my head...because my head was shaped weird hahahah...and that I have a lot of bad chi and energy coming out of it...but not to worry because she could tell the bad energy was flowing out! the next day my head was very sore...but my headache was a lot better! must have gotten all that bad chi out!
***We went to go visit one of our investigators Li Jiemei that I had contacted on the phone. When we showed up at her house, this lady answered the door and said in perfect English "I am a tibetan nun, and she is buddhist. We are eating lunch now. But she did not turn you away. I am a tibetan nun. we are eating right now. please go away." We were so shocked and it was the last thing we were expecting EVER! hahahahahahahahahaha we rode away...pulled to the side of the road and just started laughing our heads off....then as we were getting ready to go again...this old chinese man named Schopenhauer stopped us and started asking about our English class. then he proceeded to talk to us in very bad, halting English for like 20 minutes. We invited him to English class that night and he came!
***When we went  English proselyting on Saturday at the night market, we ran into this guy named Andrew. He is from London, Ontario and he's here teaching school. He's been here for about a year, and he'll probably stay here for a long time. He was really cool and it was weird/nice talking to someone in real English without being awkward....except when he asked my name and i said Sister Burrows and he laughed....I felt like I was a nun! It's strange because I still don't feel like a sister name here is Bao Jiemei....not sister Burrows! hahaha sooo strange!
***Last night we got a call from our investigator saying she wanted to meet up so she could tell us something. We had a feeling she was going to "come out" to we were when she told us...we were like "we know! you have a girlfriend!" They had just broken up, and she was feeling really lost....we were able to have a great lesson and just go by the Spirit. We're excited to teach her the Law of Chastity and help her become truly happy and feel truly loved! :)
***That awkward moment when you are sitting with an LA at church who is Schizophrenic and sits and sings through the hymn book loudly during the talks in Sacrament're also sitting with a super shy/awkward RC who you can tell is feeling more and more awkward as the meeting goes on! hahahahahahahaha

Well that's all I have time for now, but i hope you are all happy and that you are looking for opportunities to serve those around you! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love, Bao Jiemei!

Monday, April 22, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 13

The mission president called us on Sunday. He told us, sister Burrows has the happiest attitude in the mission, and she does not complain and continues to work hard despite her not feeling well.  She has a virus/cold like many missionaries and people. When she gets rid of the cold, they will know more on what she should do. Did not want to complicate things by having surgery and virus at the same time.  It is a good thing the mission president is an MD.  He told us, across from the mission home there is a very modern hospital, one of the elders had his gall bladder out about four months ago, and healed fast and did great.  Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf.  We know it helped.

Alma 29:1-2
"Oh that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people! Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder, repentance, and the plan of redemption, that they should repent and come unto our God, that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth."
I have always loved this scripture, but really came to realize this week, that when we speak of things pertaining God to people, the Spirit gives our voices and testimonies power. The power of the Lord, and that is something that people's souls cannot deny, no matter when they deny us in the moment, their spirits will recognize the truthfulness of what we have to share, and that will echo in their hearts forever. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"Don't you give up. Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. It will be all right in the end. Trust in God and believe in good things to come." I truly know that when we do our very best and trust in the Lord, and when we rely on our faith good things will come to pass.

So this week have been fantastic! We've been able to meet so many new people, and had some awesome experiences of teaching by the spirit!! 

We had an amazing experience this week with our first meeting with a girl named Lin Jiemei. She had met with the missionaries before and we found her in our Formers book. She had meet with the sisters and they had taught her the full first, given her a BOM, tried to teach prayer, and also tried to commit her to a baptismal date. She was soooo freaked out that she left, without her BOM and never answered their calls again. We asked her to meet with us and we gave her a tour of the church, ending in the chapel. We bore our testimonies to her that she was truly a child of Heavenly Father and then taught her to pray. She was brought to tears by the feelings of the Spirit, and told us that before she was not prepared, but with us she felt right, and that she wanted to continue to learn and pray. It was so amazing and we are so excited to continue teaching her. It's amazing the different when you teach by the spirit and not just because you're supposed to teach them the lesson. 

God truly loves all of his children and wants us all to succeed and return to Him someday. I know that everything that we've gone through in life is to prepare us for this very moment, to teach His children, and reach out to those that only you can save. We just need to continue to strive to become those people and instruments that he needs. 

We also had another amazing experience in teaching a FAMILY that we found through English Class! They are sooo prepared! After the first prayer with the parents the dad was like, "Wait! I have this feeling, my heart is slowing down, it feels good, but what is it? Sister, PLEASE teach me what this is!" He had identified the Spirit! It was incredible and we were able to teach him that Heavenly Father had given him that feeling through the Holy Ghost so that he could know for himself that he was a son of God. No need to say he requested that we keep meeting and that we go to his home and teach his WHOLE family!!! So great!!!!!! Teaching by the Spirit ROCKS! :) soooo cheesy sounding but true ;)

***Sister Darrington, the mission secretary, and I did a musical number at Zone Conference! It went really well (in a non prideful way!) and everyone seemed to really enjoy it! We played a piano duet of My Heavenly Father Loves Me.
***Little children still love me, and i haven't gotten awkward around them yet like i have around attractive americans hahahaha except when they KEEP TRYING TO CLIMB INTO MY LAP!!! and i have to keep telling them Bu Xing! (means cannot)   :(
***That awkward moment when you get so sick that you have to go to the hospital and they give you medicine that they say doesn't actually work but you can try it for two weeks and then you probably will end up getting your gallbladder out.
***That awkward moment when you can't ride you bike in a straight line and you run into a PARKED scooter and have a humongous bruise on your leg! But you're fine riding around through speeding traffic with no accidents!
***That awkward moment when you have to figure out how to get a schizophrenic girl out of the chapel, because she's IN LOVE with one of the elders and keeps giving him presents like a Buddhist bible and ancestor worship candles! hahahahahahaha poor girl! Poor elder!

Well that's all I can think of for this week! I hope everyone has a great week and continues to remember and apply what we learned during conference this week! Remember always look for opportunities to serve others and spread the gospel! The work is good, the gospel is true, and the Lord loves us EVERYONE! 

Love Bao Jiemei!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 10 - sorry it is out of sync.

sorry I missed out on this one and it is out of sync.

Hello one and All....first of all YES! I am alive and survived the earthquake....So don't'll still have to suffer through these weekly emails for now....
Quentin L Cook: "The Prophet Joseph pointed out taht before you baptism, you could be on neutral ground between good and evil. But "when you joine this Church you enlisted to serve God. When you did that you left the neutral ground, and you never can [go] back." His counsel was taht we must never foraske the Master."
WOW! NEVER NEVER NEVER FORSAKE! Like the last verse of How Firm a Foundation. Such an amazing thing happens when you get baptised and join this Church. You truly become part of something bigger than you can even imagine! You promise to help further the work, and to help your brotehr and sister souls return to our Father in Heaven.
John 14:18-19 "I will no leave you comforless :i will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; bu ye see me: because i live, ye shall live also." Here Easter is translated to Fu4Huo2Jie2 which actually means "resurrection festival" so amazing right? We truly are celebrating Christ resurrection, but also our endless potential that through Him we have. Let us remember this and try to always consecrate his sacrifice by living in a way that would be pleasing unto Him :)
Ashton has sent me a few quick, but sweet well as some funny poems that he wrote for me. I love it so much! :) It sounds like he's doing well and still planning on going on his mission :) So lets be happy for him! I did not know however that he is taking so many asian studies classes! Did he put that in his mission papers as well as that he took Chinese in High School?! He really should!!!
what is Nika's cousins name? So I can watch out for him? . It sounds like he's going to be a great missionary! All the kids who worked hard to get on missions, seem to value their time as missionaries more, and are more diligent when it comes to the work. :)We have so many missionaries from Springville here in this mission
Wow!!! It sounds like you had an exciting day, and an exciting week to come! Uncle Larry did an amazing job I m sure! I hope a lot of the young men attended and paid attention!
King James' talk was prbly great as well! He does like to tell random stories....did he share any?
Sister Mendenhall is also such a spiritual giant, i'm sure she inspired everyone and really brought the spirit.
That polynesian restaurant sounds really, really good! You'll have to take me to it when i get home! How are the fish and chips!? and the Poly Special....YUMMM!
Mama told me possibly three of McKay's friends are coming this weekend for conference? I'm guessing ashton (and prbly tess) will be as well? Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I wish i was going to that FHE....that's going to be amazing!!! Tell everyone hello and that I love and miss them! And tell Coach Colin thank you for the rugby bag...i did in my email shoutout but you could tell them too, that would be fantastic! And tell Rachel Hubert HELLOOOOOO! And I'm sooo excited for her to start her papers....soonish...when she graduates...? hahaha I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH DADDY!!!!!!
***we boiled 5 DOZEN eggs for our Easter Party in English this week! Then at english we Dyed them :) SO much fun! We had 45 people come!!! And in my Xiao Pengyou Class i had 14 kids!!! So many!!!
***We got to ride the train to Houli!!!!....for 5 minutes....then rented FREE beach cruiser and rode around finding formers and LAs. I swear that town was down hill the WHOLE WAY!!! so great!!!
***EARTHQUAKE!!! it was a big one this time! my book shelf was shaking like crazy, i thought it woul tip over. but i just sat there coloring....and said in the most monotone voice ever...."earthquakeee..." our Taiwanese roommate was freaking out and soooo scared!!!
***Ukelele class! We teach our investigators Ukelele and i can now play and sing many songs! So much fun!!!
***Scooter accident! This is a big it'll wait until next week....but that's just the preview!
I love you all soooo much...and no time so goodbye until next week! Trust the LORD!! He will guide you! 

chronicle of vasha 12

Subject: amazing conf, love from friends, musical numbers!

Well Hello all!!!
If you've emailed me or written me and haven't heard back, I promise and email...or even better! a hand written letter! is on it's way to you! I love you all and appreciate all you've done for me! THank you for your support!
Elder Matt Gummow is now in my area, and he remembers mom from LPHS. He was in mine and Ashton's chinese class when you substituted for us! He is in Ashton's grade, and his older sister was my older generation in the MTC. She's in Taipei on her mission.
I've been trying to rack my brain with all the most exciting things that happened this week....but i'm really struggling! Just a week of offering salvation to people! NBD The usual! hahaha even though that TOTALLY is a big deal! 

Psalm 118:24
"This is the day which the Lord hath made. Rejoice and be glad in it."

Everyday has the potential to become something so fantastically magical! We just need to remember who gave it to us, and slap that smile on our faces, and get to doing His work! "Each day is a gift." Isn't that what they say? And isn't it so true? How much different would our lives be if we remembered that God Himself gave us each breath we take, each sight we see, each glorious sound we hear? It's amazing just how much we have, and how much we have to offer to others! Please, remember where and who your day came from!!!

ALMA 22:16
"Aaron said unto him: if thou desirest this thing, if thou wilt bow down before God, yea, if thou wilt repent of all thy sins, and will bow down before God, and call on his name in faith, believing that ye shall receive, then shalt thou receive the hope which thou desirest." 

BOOM! Enough said! Thank you Aaron Mosiahson!!!

Elaine S. Dalton: "She understood who she was and whose she was." - wow...never forget where you came from!!!

Spence W. Kimball: "As we give, we find that 'sacrifice brings forth blessings of heaven.' and in the end, we learn it was no sacrifice at all." - It really seems that the things that we feel are the most difficult and hardest to withstand, are the things we look back on and are most grateful for. I am grateful for every single hard thing in my life. They made me who i am, and taught me about who i need to become!

Jeffrey R. Holland: "Do not let questions stand in the way of receiving miracles." Isn't it so true that we let questions and doubts keep us from really understanding and receiving all the blessings that we could be? If we could just wholly trust in the Lord, think of all the blessings that would thunder down from the heavens! way too many to soak in!

Okay, i'll leave some quotes for next week...there are just too many great ones! Our church leaders are just AMAZING! 

Well this week has been really quite interesting weather-wise. It'll be very hot one moment, and the next pouring rain and quite cold! It makes me wonder what summer and then rainy season are really going to be like! hahahaha I'm in for some epic adventures i'm sure of it! :D 

***Last Monday night we took the 45 minute bus ride up to dongshi to visit one of our progressing investigators. She has a little grandson named Nan Nan whom we call Didi :) He is precious and ABSOLUTELY LOVES ME! He is 2 yrs old and calls me Aiyi (auntie). Whenever we go over he runs up to me and say "Autnie! I love you!" He is super cute and when i ask him to say things in English, he'll always repeat me, but not his gma and my comp. Last time when we went up to see them, during the prayer he kept trying to climb up onto my lap and saying "Aiyi bao bao! (auntie hold me!)" and climbed up onto my foot and then tried to make his way up my body clutching onto my skirt and sweater. I felt so horrible nudging him away and not letting him sit onto my lap! :( But i also understand the importance of being perfectly obedient to our Mission rules.
***We met these three girls at a bus of them i wasn't really sure if it was a boy a girl (sadly that's a pretty common occurrence here!) and when she asked my companion if we thought she was a boy a girl, i was so glad my comp was like..."Ummm...girl?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that awkward moment!!!!
***I've seen TWENTY THREE (23) Cats since i've gotten to Taiwan!!!!
***This old man came up to us on the bus and sat RIGHT next to my comp. Then he proceeded to tell us that he was EXTREMELY rich, and exactly how much money he makes each week, month, and year. Then he told us that he had two sons and one was a doctor and that's why his skins is so perfect. Then he just kept going on and on about how great he was while i was trying not to laugh!!! Finally we just invited him to church and got off the bus!

mom and dad, so I've been having more problems with my gallbladder and having a lot of pain and being sick for the last week. I talked to President Bishop about it last Pday and he said that he thought it was my gallbladder and told me to go to the hospital and see a doctor. We went to the doctor and got lab tests and an ultrasound and they found out that i have a gallbladder disease with gallbladder sludge. They gave me some medication for about two weeks and told me it might make me feel better, but if i still have pain, they recommend that I have my gallbladder removed. I said that if there was a problem, he thinks i should just get it taken out and taken care of, but he's gone for two days and when he returns we'll discuss what he thinks. Total if I have the surgery it will cost less than $3000 USD. I wanted to let you know what the situation is, and what you think. I love you very very much and do not want you to worry about me. I hope this doesn't affect your vacation too much, and i want you to know that i'm really being taken care of here! I love you both!
Well that's all i can think of for this week! I hope you are all doing amazing and remembering who gave you your day!!! I LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo 
Love, Bao Jiemei! xoxoxox :D

ps SHOUT OUT to Tess, Amy, and Brad McCormick for the killer package! That is exactly what every missionary needs! Thank you so much for the uplifting and inspiring words! Love you alll!!! <3

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

chronicle of vasha 11

Hello Everyone!!!!!!
Okay last weeks email was terrible! I apologize! This week i'll make up for it....starting off with the Scooter Accident Story Ipromised you all!
Okay so we were riding home the night of March 28th and it was POURING RAIN! when we came around a curve in the road, we saw a scooter crash! This 80 yr old man had slid out, and was laying on the road as if he was dead...his scooter was laying on it's side like 20 ft away. and he was not moving! There was a car parked a ways behind him with a man yelling and waving his arms, telling the traffic to go into the other lane, but he was not being super helpful or effective. There was also a woman standing there over the man holding an umbrella, but not doing anything as well. We think they probably called 911 or someone did because NO ONE WAS DOING ANYTHING! Sister Smart and I pulled over to the side and parked our bike on the sidewalk. Then I told her to keep her helmet on...just in case...and we went to go see if there was anything we could do to help. We couldn't really do anything to physicall y help him though, because we didnt want to get in trouble with the Taiwanese government, and since we're foreigners and there weren't many people around we could be accused blah blah blah....anywho....I knew enough to tell him what position and such would be the best physically and in case he threw up...I also told them NOT to take off his helmet in case his neck and back were jacked up. He had a few broken bones for sure and was in Sooooo much pain. We were really glad when we walked over and he was moving...groaning...and such because we knew that at least he was still alive. I was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED because I knew how to help him, but I couldn't. AHHHHHH! The ambulance FINALLY showed up and the emts walked super slowly to him and then TOOK OFF HIS HELMET BEFORE THEY STABILIZED HIM! Seriously !?!? they just walked over and popped his helmet off. I felt so bad for his wife! He had a wedding ring on...and I knew that some poor grandma was at home waiting for her husband to show up...:( THAT is the story of the Scooter Accident) that you're all caught up...
Scripture of the Week:
ALMA 12:29
"Therefore he sent angels to converse with them, who caused men to behold His glory."
Now this might sound a little prideful, but i believe that in this day, we the missionaries are those angels who the Lord has sent to his children that they might behold His glory. We are the ones who are to assist them to help them come back into his embrace. I love in the scriptures when it says "if i could but speak with the voice of an angel." Everyday i think this, and then i realize everyday, that when we testify of Christ and his gospel, the Spirit will also testify, and to the people we share with...we do have the voice of angels! So amazing!!!
Quote of the Week:
Dieter F. Uchdorf:
"Many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Saviour today." I LOVE THIS! It's sooo true! We do these little things daily that we look back on and think...."Dang it! I should not have done that!" But if we had been following the Saviour and His teachings, we could have made better choices in the first place, and not had so many regrets in the end. At the same time though, we must not look back on our lives with regret. I know that i have made many mistakes in my life, but i sincerely do not regret any of them. Because...i was able to learn from them. and now i know that i will not make those same mistakes again....I'll just make new ones! :) and i'll learn from them as well! I'll just keep messing up, learning from it, repenting and adjusting my actions, and because of the amazing sacrifice of our older brother Jesus Christ, we'll be able to keep going and learning as we go :) Wow i just read that and it sound super rambly...but it's true! :)
SOOOO this week was super exciting! We started off with an amazing DTM where we discussed how to be both effecient and effective. I really enjoyed it and the practice role plays. One of the practice I did with one of the APs (They both came to our DTM because they were doing Assistant Exchanges with some of our elders) and he asked how long I'd been in Taiwan. I told him about 2 1/2 months and he was like "Really?! You're tones were are perfect!" I was sooo amazed because tones in my Chinese are something I really struggle with, and so I have been really focusing on them in my studies. My companion has also helped me soooo much! Apparently it's working! :)
We were also able to contact over 400 people while English Proselyting! So amazing when you can just smile at people, tell them about English Class and Church, and they are soooo happy and willing to listen to you, just because they think you look happy :) LOVE IT!
On Thursday we were able to go Gravesweeping as a service project! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I felt back in my element :) We were able to wear jeans and t-shirts (with the helping hands vests!) and clean up graves and weed for about 4 hours. It was sooo blissful! I love being outside working in the dirt! I hadn't realized just how much i missed it! We were also able to talk with so many families when they would come up to us and ask why we were interested in helping and serving. I was able to share about families and the church with incredible people all while weeding! IT WAS GREATTTTT! :)
OKay.....Absolute highlight of the week....WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooo happy! I still am sooo happy :) His name is Huang Dixiong and he is an awesome guy! He is 22 yrs old, and he just moved to Fengyuan with his new wife (Wang Jiemei) about a month an a half ago. They came and self contacted me and Sister Smart while we were English Proselyting and we were able to invite them to Church that Sunday! We also started meeting with them, because his wife it turns out is a LA from a different area. They haven't missed a single Sunday of church since they started coming! The Elders took over meeting with him and teaching him the lessons after he expressed interest after meeting with us sisters and going to church, and now last Saturday night April 6 2013 he was baptized!!! We are sooo beyond excited for him! Yesterday at church, he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and wore his new church clothes for the first time. Super Shuai!
Cute side note....on Friday morning, Wang Jiemei, his wife, called us and and asked if I would help her do her makeup for the baptism. She had never worn makeup before and she said that she sees my makeup and thinks that it looks so beautiful and that she wanted to know if i could teach her. It was the cutest thing ever!! Especially since she wanted to look pretty for him and his baptism :D!!!!! AWWWWWW! Love!
***We live in a 4-man apartment with the Tanzi sisters. Sister Newman (tanzi sister) boiled her eggs for over an hour on accident, so the place smelled terrible and THEY EXPLODED!!!!! hahahahahahhahahahah soooo funny!!!! Then she felt bad and bought us Almond Snickers bars to apologize....when there was nothing to apologize for! She took cute!
***Saturday, we were at the chapel waiting for a friend to come when this crazy woman with schizophrenia walks in. She starts telling us that she's actually french on the inside and then starts writing nonsensical english letters on the board. Then she started singing and pulling sheets out of her backpack, and started tying them around her like dresses. Eventually she started yelling and freaking out. Sister Smart didn't know what to do so Ishe did the first thing that popped into her head! She started singing a hymn. Hahaha don't laugh! I know its cheesy, but it worked. She stopped, listened, attempted to sing with us, and then said she needed to go and walked home. It was really random and funny!!!
*** We have another woman whom we visit who ALSO has schizophreniz....she's the one who thinks a wire is attacking her constantly....she asked us to please help her make foreign friends and learn how to talk with foreigners. She thinks that Taiwanese men are all horrible so she thinks that maybe she can get a foreign boyfriend that, even if he lives somewhere else, he can probably protect her and keep her safe. She also speaks excellent english! She's so sweet, but i don't know if we'll be able to find her a boyfriend......
***We had an LA pray with us at the end of a lesson, she started to pray to Heavenly Father, then to His son, then his other son, and then to His father and a few other people! Then she prayed that we could know that she is our best friend ever, and that if we ever need anything, like help getting married, she is ALWAYS there for us! And then she prayed that when we go home, we can get married really quickly and be happy. Then she kept going for a while then all of a sudden just says AMEN! and stands up and opens the door for us to leave...Super funny!!!! It's a really good thing we have sooo many people praying that we can get married!!!
Well my time is up, but i love you all and hope that conference was AMAZING! We get to watch it next week and i'm super excited :) Thank you for all you do and have a wonderful, love filled week!!!! The work is good, the gospel is true, and we can always trust in the Lord to guide us! LOVE AND HUGS! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Love, Bao Jiemei

Easter Egg painting in English class