Tuesday, January 1, 2013

mtc 8th week

MUMMY, DADDY, PUMPKIN, and erryone else!!!
I love you all! You're the BEST! I also forgot to tell you a funny/awkward story in my last email! So i'll make sure there is one today for sure ;)  This week has been back to the usual schedule, but a few exciting things did happen!
Last week there was a lot of drama in the younger generation, and some of the sisters and elders were having problems....I was very stressed and wasn't sure what I needed to address with Pres Baker so he could handle it or if I should just take care of it myself....so I prayed about it! and decided to do what I could, and if the situations didn't improve then i would hand things over to him. It's sometimes hard (especially in the MTC) to know when to take care of things yourself especially because there are so many rules about different kinds of advice and relationships between different missionaries whether is a sister and a sister, an elder and an elder, or a sister and an elder. I was able to sit down with the missionaries though and talk through some of the issues. It's funny because they always ask me what I think, and I ALWAYS tell them straight up what I think. Even if it's not what they want to hear, actually especially if it's what they don't want to hear. And things worked out! I think the Lord assigned me that calling on purpose, because he knew that they would need a bold, blunt, honest sister to knock them off of their high horses. Especially because i've been humbled so many times that I know the importance of not being prideful. It all worked out in the end, they are all getting along now and love each other for the most part, and Pres Baker told me i did all the right things....and NOW I'VE BEEN RELEASED! just when I was starting to love my calling. But it's nice not having all the extra meetings now :)
Dex was very nice when he said that I did a good job in the talent show. It was a very intense song and the piano was shaking....one of the mikes actually fell hahahahha but the MTC Mission Presidency was impressed so I guess that's alright :) I think that I'm going to audition again to play in another meeting or devotional, the presidency wives (who are in charge of musical numbers) were very enthusiastic when I asked them if I should or not. I'm also playing for sacrament next sunday (2nd jan sunday) but i haven't decided what yet!
Let's see what else.....OH YEAH! THere is a huge sickness epidemic spreading throughout the MTC! Sis Gan was really sick yesterday so we just stayed into our bedroom and I just read my grammar books and wrote letters while she tried to sleep it off. Tons of people are sick today though, so we won't even have the big devotional tonight, they are just going to broadcast it to our classrooms, and if anyone is sick, they are supposed to stay in their rooms. It is really bad timing because the health office and everything is closed because of new years. no one is allowed to shake hands, hug, high-five or anything! The sickness hit kind of on sunday and mostly yesterday and today though. GOOD NEWS: I FEEL GREAT! so don't worry about me at all! Most of the kids that are sick are just REALLY sick for about a day....day and a half and then they feel fine! We'll all be careful about washing our hands and stuff though :)
I have lots and lots of snacks already actually that people have sent me, so I'm doing pretty good.
Okay Awkward Moment TIME:
.....that awkward moment when I reach out to touch an elder's arm to get his attention when someone bumps me from behind and I fall and end up stroking from his shoulder down to his hip....hahahahhaha and we both just look at each other in panic and then awkwardly walk away hahahahahha (don't worry though! It's all fine and we both knew it was an accident....we laugh it off now!)
.....that awkward moment when you're practicing your flashcards outloud and Pres Baker (who has really awesome pronunciation and tones hears you and corrects you....after a few minutes of this he looks at your card to see what you were trying to say and then goes...."Oh you had it right before....I thought you were saying something else..." hahahahhahahaha
.....that awkward moment when you are teaching your investigator and she's confused about why she needs to follow the commandments so you give her an all character BOM and think you've turned to 1 Nephi 3:7and teaching her about obedience, but you've really had her open up to 3 Nephi 3:7....go read it and then you'll understand why she was even more gunshy!" hahaahhahaha
Dui YesuJidu you xin xin bao kuo jianding di xiangxin ta shi shen de dushengzi, shi shijie de jiuzhu he jiushuzhu. Dui Jidu de xin xin hui  yindao women caiqu xindong. Women dui Yesu Jidu you xin xin shik, jiuhui jieshou he yunyong ta de shuzui ji jiaodao. You xinxin hui shi women jin quanli qu renshi jiuzhu, bian de geng xiang ta yiyang. women hui xiangyao xuexi tae jieming, bing qie jiayi fucong. jishi women renghui fancuo, dan women hui jinli zunshou ta de jieming he bi mian fanzui, lai biaoming women dui tade ai. women yong xinxin qiqiu neng huode liliang lai kefu you nuo. dang women peiyang chu dui mou xiang fuyin yuanze de xinxin, ru qidao, shi yinwei women xian dui yesujidu you zugou de xinxin, yin'er neng gou zunshou tade jieming.l dang women zunxing mou xiang jieming shi, women jiu cong jing yan zhong xue daole na xiang yuanze de zhen shi xing. Wo zhidao dang women you xinxin, shen neng gie women ziji. Feng Yesu Jidu de Ming. Amen
Okay...well my time is up, but i love you all and want you to know that i know that this church is true with all my heart.


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