Monday, January 7, 2013

Urologist and hematuria - MTC pre - 9

Okay I went to the Urologist this morning to double check what is going on. I have hematuria which basically means blood in my urine. I can't see it, it is just mircroscopic and keeps showing up in the tests that they keep doing. Today i got a xray since the ct scan came back, and the xray was negative for any kidney stones (which they keep thinking i have but i do not) so they scheduled me to get a scope next monday at 1:30 pm at the Provo Hospital (which is where i went today). If the scope comes back negative, then they'll know that i'm not bleeding from any of my major organs down there (which is what they're mostly concerned about right now) and even though i have pain and nausea, they'll write it off and send me to Taiwan. If there is a problem that they find, then i won't go to Taiwan until they find out how to fix it. I do not have a bladder infection or anything. No pain when i pee, just pain in my lower right sharp knife pains. I truly do not believe that anything is wrong, but they keep wanting to do tests so that they don't get into trouble if i have health problems in Taiwan. I'm sorry this is causing you so much stress or if it is expensive for you :( I still think that i shouldn't have gone to the doctor in the first place, but my companion made me go. which just ended up snowballing into this mess. I'm sorry! The pain hurts, but it's definitely something i can live with no problem. I'll email my normal email tomorrow as well and try to send more pictures home :)
Latimer and Anderson are leaving the same time as us, but they are going to Taibei. Thank you for my necklace and getting the phone card!
I LOVED MY CALENDAR! It's fantastic :) I use it to show people my family :D and it's also really nice to have a calendar. Thanks for putting cute pictures of me on it hahaha :)
Oh and Elder Jenson said to tell you that your bread is the BEST BREAD HE"S EATEN EVERRR! hahaha he's a big fan :O) So is elder vomocil! Elder Lotulelei wanted to know if you could make more manapua....he is in love with them!
Have you seen luke? Tell him hey for me! And please tell Zane i say Hiiiii! I wrote him a letter in December, but i'm not sure if he ever got it. I used an address i had from forever ago, and it was all in Spanish. hahaha
Oh, and do you know ashton's apartment number? i have the address but not the apt number.
Oh and will you tell sawyer happy late birthday for me? His birthday was yesterday.
okay...let see i still have my long email tmrw that everyone can read so i'll leave things for that.
OH! i've also lost a lot of weight, (especially this last week hahaha, but throughout my stay here as well) could you get me some smaller garments? could you get me a few Caranessa bottoms in a XS and a few Caranessa tops in a 32T? That would be fantastic, and i'll send my way too big ones home with my other stuff. and I also am supposed to bring a carry-on when i go to taiwan with a few days clothes in it, could you ask ashton if i could pretty please use one of his old rugby bags? if not if you could find a small cheap one that would be great. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I'll talk to you tmrw :)
I hope you are both feeling better and enjoying being empty nesters ;) I'm glad you're figuring out your phone, so now you can text ashton and keep an eye on him. I've been praying that he'll figure things out and end it with Tess, because i've seen what having Girlfriends does to these elders here....he really shouldn't have a gf.
I LOVE YOU! don't forget to tell zane hey for me :)

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