Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chronicle of Vasha 14

I'm sorry I'm really short on time, but I'll try to make this as long as I possibly can in the short amount of time that I have. If I have not emailed you back, I will try, I promise....just maybe not this week!

Scripture of the Week:
Romans 8:31 "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?" I love this...because in this day of age, when we know that we will not have another apostasy...we are meant to succeed! How hard it must have been for the prophets of old, to know that they would not succeed in helping everyone repent, but how amazing it is now to know that this work that we are doing will work out! We will succeed! 

Oscar Wilde: "What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." This is so true! What sometimes seem to me as the hardest things i've had to withstand, are also the things that have built my testimony and given me the faith and trust that i have in God today!

***So my bike's back tire totally got slashed!!!! So I've been riding Sister Xiong's old bike....which is TINY! It's like a child's when I ride around...I feel like a real Taiwanese with their small bikes and seats all the way down. My skirts always gets I've found a way to ride with my skirt all folded and tucked so it's like a pair of shorts....of a giant diaper! hahahahahaha I feel like the servant on the little donkey, following the knight on her nice big, comfortable steed! ahahahahahaha it's definitely a new feeling! alright love you all
***I had a really bad headache, so Chen Jiemei, one of the other sister missionaries that lives with us, asked if she could give me a head massage...i said okay....and she went at it! She started hitting and kneading my head....asked if I'd ever broken my head...because my head was shaped weird hahahah...and that I have a lot of bad chi and energy coming out of it...but not to worry because she could tell the bad energy was flowing out! the next day my head was very sore...but my headache was a lot better! must have gotten all that bad chi out!
***We went to go visit one of our investigators Li Jiemei that I had contacted on the phone. When we showed up at her house, this lady answered the door and said in perfect English "I am a tibetan nun, and she is buddhist. We are eating lunch now. But she did not turn you away. I am a tibetan nun. we are eating right now. please go away." We were so shocked and it was the last thing we were expecting EVER! hahahahahahahahahaha we rode away...pulled to the side of the road and just started laughing our heads off....then as we were getting ready to go again...this old chinese man named Schopenhauer stopped us and started asking about our English class. then he proceeded to talk to us in very bad, halting English for like 20 minutes. We invited him to English class that night and he came!
***When we went  English proselyting on Saturday at the night market, we ran into this guy named Andrew. He is from London, Ontario and he's here teaching school. He's been here for about a year, and he'll probably stay here for a long time. He was really cool and it was weird/nice talking to someone in real English without being awkward....except when he asked my name and i said Sister Burrows and he laughed....I felt like I was a nun! It's strange because I still don't feel like a sister name here is Bao Jiemei....not sister Burrows! hahaha sooo strange!
***Last night we got a call from our investigator saying she wanted to meet up so she could tell us something. We had a feeling she was going to "come out" to we were when she told us...we were like "we know! you have a girlfriend!" They had just broken up, and she was feeling really lost....we were able to have a great lesson and just go by the Spirit. We're excited to teach her the Law of Chastity and help her become truly happy and feel truly loved! :)
***That awkward moment when you are sitting with an LA at church who is Schizophrenic and sits and sings through the hymn book loudly during the talks in Sacrament're also sitting with a super shy/awkward RC who you can tell is feeling more and more awkward as the meeting goes on! hahahahahahahaha

Well that's all I have time for now, but i hope you are all happy and that you are looking for opportunities to serve those around you! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love, Bao Jiemei!

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