Sunday, April 21, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 10 - sorry it is out of sync.

sorry I missed out on this one and it is out of sync.

Hello one and All....first of all YES! I am alive and survived the earthquake....So don't'll still have to suffer through these weekly emails for now....
Quentin L Cook: "The Prophet Joseph pointed out taht before you baptism, you could be on neutral ground between good and evil. But "when you joine this Church you enlisted to serve God. When you did that you left the neutral ground, and you never can [go] back." His counsel was taht we must never foraske the Master."
WOW! NEVER NEVER NEVER FORSAKE! Like the last verse of How Firm a Foundation. Such an amazing thing happens when you get baptised and join this Church. You truly become part of something bigger than you can even imagine! You promise to help further the work, and to help your brotehr and sister souls return to our Father in Heaven.
John 14:18-19 "I will no leave you comforless :i will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; bu ye see me: because i live, ye shall live also." Here Easter is translated to Fu4Huo2Jie2 which actually means "resurrection festival" so amazing right? We truly are celebrating Christ resurrection, but also our endless potential that through Him we have. Let us remember this and try to always consecrate his sacrifice by living in a way that would be pleasing unto Him :)
Ashton has sent me a few quick, but sweet well as some funny poems that he wrote for me. I love it so much! :) It sounds like he's doing well and still planning on going on his mission :) So lets be happy for him! I did not know however that he is taking so many asian studies classes! Did he put that in his mission papers as well as that he took Chinese in High School?! He really should!!!
what is Nika's cousins name? So I can watch out for him? . It sounds like he's going to be a great missionary! All the kids who worked hard to get on missions, seem to value their time as missionaries more, and are more diligent when it comes to the work. :)We have so many missionaries from Springville here in this mission
Wow!!! It sounds like you had an exciting day, and an exciting week to come! Uncle Larry did an amazing job I m sure! I hope a lot of the young men attended and paid attention!
King James' talk was prbly great as well! He does like to tell random stories....did he share any?
Sister Mendenhall is also such a spiritual giant, i'm sure she inspired everyone and really brought the spirit.
That polynesian restaurant sounds really, really good! You'll have to take me to it when i get home! How are the fish and chips!? and the Poly Special....YUMMM!
Mama told me possibly three of McKay's friends are coming this weekend for conference? I'm guessing ashton (and prbly tess) will be as well? Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I wish i was going to that FHE....that's going to be amazing!!! Tell everyone hello and that I love and miss them! And tell Coach Colin thank you for the rugby bag...i did in my email shoutout but you could tell them too, that would be fantastic! And tell Rachel Hubert HELLOOOOOO! And I'm sooo excited for her to start her papers....soonish...when she graduates...? hahaha I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH DADDY!!!!!!
***we boiled 5 DOZEN eggs for our Easter Party in English this week! Then at english we Dyed them :) SO much fun! We had 45 people come!!! And in my Xiao Pengyou Class i had 14 kids!!! So many!!!
***We got to ride the train to Houli!!!!....for 5 minutes....then rented FREE beach cruiser and rode around finding formers and LAs. I swear that town was down hill the WHOLE WAY!!! so great!!!
***EARTHQUAKE!!! it was a big one this time! my book shelf was shaking like crazy, i thought it woul tip over. but i just sat there coloring....and said in the most monotone voice ever...."earthquakeee..." our Taiwanese roommate was freaking out and soooo scared!!!
***Ukelele class! We teach our investigators Ukelele and i can now play and sing many songs! So much fun!!!
***Scooter accident! This is a big it'll wait until next week....but that's just the preview!
I love you all soooo much...and no time so goodbye until next week! Trust the LORD!! He will guide you! 

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