Tuesday, August 20, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 30

Dear Family and friends,
This could be Sister Burrows last email from Taiwan. They have not been able to get her the medicine to help control the pain in her stomach. In her letter, you would never know, but she has been in tremendous pain for the last three months, some bleeding, vomiting, etc. but she keeps working, she refuse to slow down because the work is so important to her and God. They want to send her home to get better, look after, and rest and get well. She might be home as soon as next week. We will know more closer to the weekend of next week. If she gets well soon, she can choose to go back out for the last eight months or not. She is being honorably release as of the time when she gets home. Thank you for all your prayers and fasting. Unless a miracle happens, we will see her next week. It will take a miracle to keep her there.

On Aug 18, 2013, at 10:05 PM, Naivasha Burrows <naivasha.burrows@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hello everyone
Well we had an exciting week! but i don't have a lot of time, so i'll just tell you some highlights and give a better update next week!!!!


 ***we spent monday in the hospital trying to find some medication and talk to a doctor....we found one and tried a medication, but meiyou yong it did not work;( then....it was good we went on monday and I got to know the hopsital so well because sister W ended up having to go on Tuesday because she got a really bad ear infection! oh no! so we went and we saw an ENT, he gave her some meds, and now shes all good! 
***Tuesday we had an awesome ZTM up in Shihzhong so we got to metro up there and see some peeps. it was awesome because I got to see Carson Jardine again! It's so weird seeing him now he's all grown up. Definitely not a sophomore in HS anymore! it makes me feel old like my baby is all grown up....except iIm not that old and he's not my baby....hahahahaha
***Wednesday was English Class! We're now the next Advanced class teachers and it was sooo fun! We had a good time teaching about Health and I think some parts I got a little to excited and a little too advanced talking about anti-inflammatory medication and stuff, but it was good and they like it! We had a lot of fun!
***Thursday we had lunch with an LA and ate some delicious food at a cheap little place and then met with some awesome RCs. They're so amazing! That night a family in the ward also had us and the Elders over for dinner and it of course was DELICIOUS! yummmm thank you Lin Jiating! :D
***Friday we had our Weekly Investigator/RCLA FHE! So much fun! Snoopy, the one from last week who like to look at my FB told me that I look just like Catwoman (halle berry) and that my personality is the same....he meant it as a compliment...came off a little creepy....but hey if it leads to his baptism and eternal conversion...keyi! hahahahaha
***Friday also received a blessing from Elder Gish to make sure that I was doing what I needed to be doing, and all I can say is that God loves me so much and will guide me in all things if I just trust in him!
***Saturday...we met with our LA Cherry Song THREE TIMES!!!! hahaha first time we just ran into her, set up with her for later because we had a lesson, then we forgot something she tried to give us at her house, so she came and found us at the park while we were having language study and calling phones, so we had Sis W practice teaching her the Plan of Salvation.....we found out a lot of her needs that day. 
***Sunday we started the morning off right by going to the Comic Convention (cosplay?) and handing out tracts for english and church! then we rode with Cherry to church on our bikes. She showed us a shortcut that was NOT A SHORTCUT! hahahaha but it was fine and we still got there early! Church was great and our convert Amber Chen got a calling! She's now one of our ward missionaries! She's gonna be soooo great! love her so mucH! Eternal conversion baby!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

well that's all I can think of right now, but just know that I know that this church is true. more so I know this Gospel is true. and that only through and with our Saviour Jesus Christ and His Atonement can we be made whole. but we really truly can be made whole...and come back from ANYTHING! I love this work so much, and these people so much! I'm so honored to have this opportunity to serve with and for them and to help them come to the knowledge that they are all literally children of God! I also know that when we trust in the Lord and follow his ways, when we align our will with His, He will tell us what we need to do and how to do it. What we want is not always what it right. God won't give us what we want, he will give us what we need. So to get what we want, we need to know what He wants for us. This gospel message is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all and hope you have splendid weeks. thank you for the love and support! Hope on. Journey on. and Don't stop believing EVER!

Love Bao Jiemei!!! 包姊妹<3 <35C.gif> Vash

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