Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am the new zone leader

Okay so I'm not really the New Zone Leader.....I am however the New Coordinating Sister which is basically like the Zone Leader/Relief Society President for all of the sister missionaries in our zone....which right now is 4 because the other 5 just left! But in a week and a day, we have a new generation of Mandarin missionaries coming in, so i will be responsible for all of the new girls and orientating them, checking up on them, advising them, doing clothing checks, etc. So yeah! Basically I thought i would be the last person of all the girls to get called and now I'm terrified that I'm going to traumitize the new girls hahahahahha
OH DAD I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!! I put a small sandwich bag with your frozen cookie dough in the freezer for you before I left......and I didn't tell I hope you've seen it by now, or if not go eat it!
SHOUT OUT!: The Rigby family sent me an AWESOME package so THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU! It had all of my FAVORITE snacks in it! :) You are all the best!! The WIHONGI'S also sent me a package full of YUMMY treats in it last week! I can't remember if i said thank you so if not.....THANK YOU!!!!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!
I see Dex all the time so it is GREAT! I usually see him a couple of times every Sunday, and randomly during the week. Can I have Uncle Jeff's and Auntie Susan's address please? That would be awesome :)
Well I KNOW that the Lord is watching out for my companion and I. Everytime we go to teach our Investigators everyday, it NEVER goes according to the plan! I know that the Spirit is there prompting me to know what to say, because whenever our Investigator asks us a question, I'm prompted to remember the RANDOMEST words from my high school or childhood Chinese. I have the hardest time with memorization, and although I'm getting better in leaps and bounds, I find that I still don't know the words that I need in order to explain doctrine. But then I remember random words like "fruit" "Volleyball" "Basketball" "and dream" and I'm able to explain through my experiences or analogies. It's an incredible experience, and I feel terrible for my poor companion, because she has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I'm talking about! But she just sits and prays for me and listens closely. I've never heard a more powerful or magnetizing testimony than hers. When she starts to testify, whether in English or Chinese, You just WANT to listen in and believe her. Her faith is so strong! She is quite shy, and so has a hard time sharing, but when she does, it's always the perfect thing to say, and you just get drawn in to her words.
GUESS WHAT?! Elder Vomicil knows how to play the "In the Middle" game that the Morley's taught us! It makes me so happy to meet people with random connections to you. I guess his dad and Uncle Tony have been best friends forever so their families are really good friends! Elder Jenson is his companion and a stud of a missionary. He is only 19, but he's one of those golden boys that has always grown up wanting to serve a mission FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. They are the Zone Leaders of the Korean Zone and are my P-day/ Gymtime buddies :)
JUST IN CASE I FORGET! According to the Mayan Calendar, the World is supposed to END TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! So if it does....I LOVE YOU and i know where i'm supposed to be :) hahahahahaha
You are all incredible and i love you all so much! I hope you all have a spectacular week and are enjoying the love and service of the Season! This church is true and the Lord is watching out for us. Especially when we are doing what we are supposed to. Stay diligent, humble, submissive, and look for ways to serve others. I LOVE YOU ALL! Please pray that i might fulfill my calling as a missionary, and also my calling as the new Coordination Sister. I'M A MORMON! I KNOW IT! I LOVE IT! I LIVE IT! <3

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