Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas from MTC email#7

Dex Tidwell is at MTC as well. He wrote the Naivasha totally nailed her two piano pieces. He wished he could learn to play the piano. Way to go Sister Burrows

Sheng dan jie Kaui le!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Ni Hao Nimen! Xie Xie wei nimen de ai. Wo ai nimen! :)
Thank you everyone for all of the awesome christmas cards, letters, and packages! :) I will write you all back as sooon as i find time in my crazy schedule! I'll tell you a bit about my last week, and then about this morning's devotional with ELDER NELSON! and then what is to come :)
This week I learned that the most effective way to teach our investigators is simply and with the spirit. We should not complicate doctrine and principles when they really do not need to be complicated. We also shouldn't teach to their interests. We should teach to their needs in a way that interest them. This is something that has helped my teaching so much, and brings the spirit so much quicker. My companion and I have found that when we plan too much, our lessons always turn out forced and awkward, but when we study the principles we will be teaching, pray, and then go in with our hearts and minds open, we have the most incredible experiences that we share with our investigators.
Last Tuesday we had an awesome devotional by C. Scott Grow (i started laughing when I heard his name). He taught us the four things that we need to teach by the Spirit: Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice, and Revelation. Here i'll share some of my notes and thoughts with you from that devotional!
Faith: When you have studied truths, doctrine, and scriptures until they are yours, you will then teach from your sould. You will teach with God's authority. (When I learned this, one of my favorite scriptures was brought to mind, which he then used later in his talk. Alma 17:3)
Obedience: repentance is the first step of obedience. It does not always mean you are doing something wrong, but rather you are not doing something you should be doing. Repentance is when we turn to the Lord, align our will with His, and Come unto our Saviour. We must strive to be 100% obedient. To the Missionary Handbook, to our Mission Presidents, and to the Promptings of the Spirit that the Lord gives us.
Sacrifice: If we are willing to sacrifice our will to  the will of God, we will then have the assurance of the Spirit. One thing we will enver have to sacrifice is our agency, but we can voluntarily lay our agency upon the Altar of the Lord and we will be immaensley blessed. We need to tell the Lord "..that we know that He knows we've given Him our Agency" -Boyd K Packer. That we are no longer mutual, but that He can now do with us what He would.
Revelation: Without revelation, we can not longer receive Salvation.
Okay our Devotional this morning was INCREDIBLE! as usual :) Christmas in the MTC is absolutely magical, it is what Christmas should really be about. Remembering our Lord, Saviour, and Brother Jesus Christ and his amazing sacrifice. Sister Nelson taught us about all of our spiritual gifts, and how we might go about so receive them. It was awesome, and now i know that i need to pray to know what to pray for when i ask our Lord for spiritual gifts. "The Lord does not have a sleigh full of gifts for us, he has GALAXIES." -Sister Wendy Nelson
Elder Russell M. Nelson taught us that we are the link to eternal life for the people we will teach on our missions. The message of Chirstmas is Christ's VICTORY over death. He taught us more about obedience which I will share more with you in my next email i'm sure :) and then he told us to BE CAREFUL OF RUMOURS! like the ones about missionaries getting calls to China. THESE ARE FALSE. we must always REFUTE ALL RUMOURS. We must not be rumour mongers, but we must decide NOW to be rumour STOPPERS.
Okay, so coming up today is the Christmas Devotional/ Talent Show. I will be performing a piano solo! I will also be accompanying a group of elders from my zone as they sing God Rest You Merry Gentleman. It is a SWEET rendition and they sing it awesomely! :) I'm super excited so i will let you all know how taht goes :) We also have another devotional tonight by the artist who paints a bunch of the church paintings, I can't remmebr his name, but i will let you know how that goes! Then tonight we will watch "It's a Wonderful Life" we we are all SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!!!
Also i've gotten some letters from people telling me congratulations for leaving the MTC early....I WILL NOT BE LEAVING EARLY! I don't know what people are talking about! But as far as I know, i'm leaving on January 22nd like planned :)
Since everyone emails home on Christmas, I will try to email my usual email also tomorrow, if not, then next week i will!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Elder Vomocil said to tell you that you've converted him to gingerbread. He usually doesn't not like it at all, and now is OBSESSED with it :) hahaha Elder Jenson also said to tell you THANK YOU! and that you're the best and he loves you! They both say they can't wait to meet you mum after the mission :)
Mummy, can you ask whomever is the YW president if i can get a new Medallion, to one for VIirtue? I never got one, and SISTER DALTON! Told me to write you and ask for one :)
Also I NEED LITTLE SOCKS! LIke the no peeky ones, BECAUSE MY FEET ARE KILLING EVERYONE AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! hahahahahah it's pretty bad! Also my one shirt with the firnge on the bottom that you like and my ninja turtle jammies. I LOVE YOU!!!

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