Wednesday, December 19, 2012

week 6 at the MTC- half way mark

Ni Hao EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it has been an incredibly interesting and exciting (i feel you might not) week!!! Let's see, I don't have my journal to help me remember, so i'll try to do my best, and next week i'll fill in the gaps.
I'VE OFFICIALLY BEEN HERE FOR HALF OF MY STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our older generation all left last week, so we are now the only generation here! It was an emotional time, but we will see many of them soon as we also enter the mission field....and EVERYONE wants to go to BYU after their missions, so i'll be able to see them all :D WE ARE GETTING OUR NEW GENERATION TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! and I get to be a host! :) I'm super excited! We are getting four new sister missionaries and fifteen elders. We have some super smooth elders coming in, one's name is Elder Proudfoot......I've been praying that he is going to be a native american....and HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped! We are also getting an Elder today from a little country in South America (Which is totally european) so we are excited to meet him as well! (the international missionaries, and those that don't speak English as well come into the MTC on Tuesday so they have extra time to learn where and who everything and everyone is.) We are very excited for the new sisters and have been writing welcome notes to them and we went and made their beds for them today so they have one less thing to worry about.
I have officially been the Coordinating Sister for 9 whole days now! Which doesn't seem like a lot, but i feel a lot more confident getting our new sisters and being able to advise them. I've had some awesome experiences with my girls right now and being able to advise, comfort, and bear testimony to them. I know that the Lord will provide me with what i need to say, when, and how. HE IS WATCHING OVER US! I
I've had some of the best dreams while here in the MTC! Since about my first week and a half, i usually only dream in Chinese (and randomly in KOREAN), and usually dream about teaching the discussions ahahhahahaha [total missionary]! It's great to wake up and the first thought in my head and that i say out loud is JESUS LOVES US! TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!!! BECAUSE JESUS LOVES US!!!!!!!!!!!! it's absolutely fantastic!
My audititions went well apparently! I didn't feel very great about it coming out, but i went and auditioned with another song today, and they were like, "Oh! We were going to have you play Joy to the World probably, but you can play your song and we'll see." Then i finished and they said, "Oh that was fantastic! Now we have to decided between the three songs you've played!" and some random elder that was waiting to audition was like. "I CHOOSE THAT ONE!!!!!!" hahahahaha Today i played The First Noel, and last week i played Joy to the World and Huron Carol. I know that i'll probably play for the Christmas missionary devotional/talent show, but i was really hoping to play in the Devotional that the General Authority is coming to ;) We'll see i guess! I am in the Missionary Choir (ASHTON STOP LAUGHING!) so i'll get to perform no matter what :D oh and i'm also on the accompanying list so I randomly accompany kids that sing, when they audition and perform! So yeah....I've dealt with some major diva elders who really need to knock down the pride until they practice more ;) but then I realize that I'm the exact same way in other things in life. FACE SMACK! I also auditioned with the all-elder district in our zone! They sang God Rest You Merry Gentlemen and did INCREDIBLE! I really hope that they get to perform, if not, they are performing for our branch in sacrament this week anyways :)
On a sad note, one of our elders went home this last week. He got really sick last Pday and they took him to the ER that night....keep him all the next day without telling us anything...and then the next day called him companion in and told him that the Elder was going home. We were really sad, because he was finally opening up and getting more confident in his speaking and teaching, but I know that the Lord wants him to be healthy and is preparing him for something great :) This week from that experience amoung others, I know that the Lord will always help us do what is right. Even if we don't understand the timing. He is watching out for us and will always be there when we look for him.
MUM, have you ever heard of Dear Elder? you can type letters to me and they'll print them off and deliver them to me.....and IT'S FREE!!!! and honestly sometimes I can't read yours and daddy's handwriting ;) BUT I STILL LOVE YOU! so if that's easier, you should check it out!!!
Dinner last Sunday sounded very fun! I hope you tell everyone Hi for me and give them my love :) I've been receiving sweet christmas cards/notes from ward members and I really appreciate them. :) They always arrive at the perfect moment! PEOPLE ARE INSPIRED! Thank the Lord that he is watching out for me!
QUESTIONS: How are the Toolsen? I hope that everything is okay and that everything works out. Also HOW IS RACHEL HUBERT?! you just stuck that quick note in the letter and didn't tell me anything else!
Well I absolutely love you all and appreciate everything you do for me! I'm sorry I'm so behind on my letters, they hardly give us anytime!!!!!! I will do my best to catch up and then stay caught up! You are all AMAZING CHILDREN OF THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!
Wo zhidao zhege jiao hui shi zhenshide. Shen ai women he yao women hen kaui le! Rugguo women fucuo Ta de jieming, women jie hui gangue Ta de ai, he Ta de shengling. Wo ai Nimen! Nimen dou fei cheng hao!!
Bao Jiemei

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