Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MTC 4th week

Ni Hao!
Wo hen gao xing gao su nimen wo de li bai! I'm so excited to tell you all about my week! First of all....Yes Daddy and Mum i am working on my language! Fear not, i do not believe that it will come without an immense amount of work! i just don't write about my language adventures as much as my other ones....but funny story! We were teaching our investigator Wei Di Xiong and i was sharing my testimony with him and i said "We DO NOT KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true." while nodding my head....he looked alarmed and said "You don't even know that it's true?!" I was like "yes yes yes....WAIT NO! we KNOW the book of mormon is do not know!" All of this happened in Chinese though hahahaha and our investigator (who is actually our teacher acting as an investigator he had on his mission) was relieved hahahahahhaha.
Oh and YES Mum! I pooped in a jar, had to take a sample and mix it all up in this little test tube....put the tube in the white bag, and give it back to the Health Center place for my visa! That picture was just when they gave us the bags and equipment.....we had a couple of days to complete the challenge ;) hahahaha SOOOO GROSSS! oh and i got to do minor surgery on Sister Gan's knee! (don't try this at home kids) She had cut it open and it was healing, but she needed to open it back up and put some hydrogen peroxide on it but she was too scared to open it i washed a knife with boiling hot water and soap and then sanitized it with alcohol and cut her back open! Without even hurting her! I NEED to be a surgeon when i grow up! Too cool! hahahaha
Here an experience I think that you will like :)
At TRC, i had the opportunity with learning to be humble last saturday. Sister Gan (lovingly) told me during our feedback after our first lesson that i could simplify and shorten my testimony. At first i was like okaaaay "what if i need to keep saying i'm prompted or something?" I was being impatient because sometimes she doesn't talk as much during the lessons due to her shyness and being worried about the language.....but then i realized that i was being super prideful and condescending so i said "You know what? You're right, i will try to work on that. Thank you." Then i got over myself, applied what tips she gave me, and our next lesson went super well!!! So if i'm even being prideful in my next letters or anything, please just remind me to get over myself, taht i'm not THAT much of a big deal and i need to be humble. :D
Our lesson yesterday (Monday) we were teaching our other investigator Dai Jie Mei about the Fall of Adam and Eve and reading with her in 2 Nephi 2 and she couldn't understand it. We are not allowed to take any of our books in except for our BOMs (Not even our dictionaries!) so i ended up explaining in my own words about adam and CHINESE! hahahaha i also had to explain why Nephi killed Laban as she had read 1 Nephi 4 over the's lucky that one of the elders in our district's name is Sha Zhong Lao (Sha means kill) so i was able to understand her i had to keep going off of the lesson plan that we had, my comp was super confused and lost for parts of the lesson....I know that i struggle with the language in class and ask a million questions because i have no idea what is going on....but during the lessons the Lord is definitely helping me out by guiding my by the Spirit in what to say in Zhongwen. I am able to recall words that i briefly heard or learned in my Sophomore year of Highschool....words that normally have nothing to do with anything, but somehow i am able to use to help our investigators understand what we are trying to help them learn. The Lord and McKay is definitely watching over me and my companion :)
Okay, so we got a new district leader on Sunday (Elder Lotulelei). His birthday was also on sunday, and Elder Green's mum sent a cake a little present, and we mde him a card and had everyone sign it. He was incredibly touched by our thoughfulness because his mum died about 6 years ago, and he hadn't really celebrated his birthday for a long time, and now he said that he gets to celebrate it with some of the people that he loves most :) Then Yesterday, on McKay's birthday, i was having off and on moments and worried about you all....and last night my district came together and gave me a birthday card that they each wrote in to Mckay, and a mini Children's Hymnbook with tabs mariking all of the songs that they thought would remind me of him, or about families and such. Elder Lotulelei bore his testimony and expressed how happy he and the others were that i am here on my mission and that they can feel his spirit with me as well. They are all incredible people, and sometimes i can't believe how much i love the people in my district, zone, and even classroom floor and how supportive and loving they are of each other.
On a lighter note...........I ROCK AT VOLLEYBALL! hahaha Elder Jenson and Elder Vomicil (the ones in the picture that i sent you?) play with us everytime along with Lotulelei and some of the other Chinese and Korean speaking elders....oh yeah and I promised Jenson and Vomicil's district that i would be all of their we'll see how that works hahahahahahah
I LOVE YOU time is up! and sorry I'm horrible at writing letters, but they hardly give us any time! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Wo ai nimen. wo zhidao zhege jiaohui shi zhenshi de. wo zhidao shen he yesu jidu ai women. tamen yao bangzhu women huigai tamen. wo zhidao touguo yesu jidu de shuzui women keyi yongyuan zhu zai yiqi. wo ai nimen!!!!
Mum: A present for my comp would be awesome! Also next time sister bowen comes to visit me in my susha i will give her a box of shoes and tshirts to give you. the ones you sent are great...but are really wide and short! so i can't even wear them to gym as i'm running around and playing sports :)  could you send my XL soccer game tshirt, and my united tshirt with the red logo? and my USC sweatshirt and purple plaid? i will send the shirt and sweatshirt home before i leave the mtc :) oh and when i asked about the dresses, i wasn't planning on taking them to taiwan but thats ok :) oh and the Bread was DELICIOUS! i LOVE YOU!
~Bu Jie Mei

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