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chronicle of Vasha 15

Naivasha' surgery will be today (which is tomorrow there in Taiwan) sometime. Please send your prayers to Heavenly Father, that it will be less painful and tramatic than the endoscopy. Thank you. We cannot wait to skype with her - this Friday evening - Saturday there in Taiwan, because of the transfer coming up, that's why it will be Friday.
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Mummy and Daddy!! and EVERYONE ELSE!!! :)
Also....I'M MOVING!!!! Sister Smart is going to be training this next movecall, so she's getting a new comp on Friday! I don't know where I'm going or who I will be with....but it won't be with sister smart, and it won't be in Fengyuan! :( I'm super sad, nervous, excited!!! AHHHHHHHHH

Sorry for the late email! We spent all day in the hospital! I really hope that Sister Smart gets to train Amanda Burr! They would both love it so much! I would love going to Gaoxiong, but i think that i'll be staying up in the Taizhong area so they can keep an eye on me medically....besides you don't want to be in Gaoxiong for the summer....WAY too hot!!! but the winter would be extremely nice! :D 

Alma 46:12
12 And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it—aIn memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children—and he fastened it upon the end of a pole.
I know you've all read/heard this...but I love sharing this with people. The things that we use to inspire us in this church are amazing...it really does come down to these basic things: God, religion, freedom, peace, and family. That's all that really matters...and if we truly remember this....we can be sooo much happier!

Thomas S Monson:
"Fill your minds with truth.
 Fill your heart with love.
 Fill you life with service."
Love this because if we keep Alma 46:12 in mind then we truly can do as our beloved prophet says and be filled with truth, love, and service! It's the simple things that can bring us eternal joy! It's sad how quickly we forget them!

So medically speaking...things are really going to pick up this week! I will be having gall bladder removal surgery on Wednesday and the discharged on Thursday. (Dad right now we haven't even discussed me going home! But that possibility scares the crap outta me everyday! but everything should workout!) We actually need to be in Taizhong city for Sister Smart's trainers meeting, then she'll be with me for the day/night I spend in the hospital. Then our companionship has been invited to help out on Thursday night for the new missionaries Dan Jones experience!!! So I really hope I'll be feeling up to it, if not I'll stay at the mission home and she'll help out :) Then she'll pick up her trainee, and I'll either go into a threesome with the Tanzi sisters (who live with us) or with Sis Smart and her new comp until Monday (whatever happens though, i'll be able to skype home at the same time!)...which is when the movecall is. The furthest area away in our mission is only about 4 hours drive (car), 3 hours (train), or 5 hours (bus). So really no biggie where ever I go....but I really feel like I'll be staying in Taizhong! I think that President will probably want to keep me kinda close!  Tomorrow is my last day in Fengyuan, so we're meeting with a ton of people so I can say goodbye and bear my testimony one last time with them.

Last week was really rough health wise for our companionship, but hopefully that will all be better after surgery. We weren't able to go out a ton, but were still able to get things ready for this wednesday night's Harry Potter party for english! I'm kinda worried about the elders being in charge of it now since we won't be there... but I'm sure it will be fine haha. We were also able to meet some new friends. The one I want to tell you about is Monica! We met her on the road last week and sat down with her for a while. Turns out, she is a designer and has been on Taiwan's version of Project Runway hahaha! She is so cool, came in with her platform sneakers, lip pants, bright shirt and red hair. She saw our nametag and asked if we really were Jesus Christ's church. We happily told her that we were, and were able to share with her more about how much Christ has influenced our lives and how He can continue to guide hers. So AWESOME!!!! i'm super excited for Sis Smart and her new companion to continue to meet with her and teach her!!!

Super glad that the BYU ruggers got it in the end!!! Heard about Luke and Anna too! Congrats to them!!! And to all my other friends who have BIG and exciting things going on in their lives! I'm so happy for them all and pray for them all everyday :D 

That YMs activity of getting a tour of the football facility sounds WAY fun! I'm sure they'll all have a blast and you'll get a huge turnout!

Oh and I got a haircut!! I love it a lot...and it'll be really great for the summer!!! You'll have to wait until we skype to see it though! :) Oh and if asian people are adding me on facebook....go ahead and add them...only our investigators/RCs know my facebook name and will be adding me :D Mum maybe you can practice your Chinese with them!!!...or use google translate hahahahahahahaha :D 

***I was making wands for our Harry Potter English Class Party and when I was opening some of the chopsticks...I got a HUGE (okay like .5 inch) splinter super deep into my thumb...so deep i couldn't just pull it out, but had to make an incision down to the sliver to get it out! Nothing like a quick home surgery!!! :D
***Endoscopy.....wow.....that was probably the most unpleasant medical experience I have EVER had.....including the scope of my urethra while I was awake.....It was rough! We went to the hospital and waiting in the waiting room for a while....it's amazing the people here will just wait for hours at the hospital! and then my number came up and I went to the back and this nurse came at me with a small cup and opened my mouth and poured it down my throat...then she pulled my shirt down IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and stabbed a needle into my shoulder...injected something...and walked away. a few minutes later she came back...told me to open my mouth and sprayed some local anesthesia into my throat and walked away. about five minutes later she came back, pulled me into a room, and told me to lay on my side on the bed. the doctor came in with a huge black tube with a disco ball on the end and started lubing it up! She put a plastic cylinder in my mouth...taped in down...and then he shoved the tube down my throat! I could feel it the whole time and keep gagging and burping...(and grossly thowing up inside!) He just keep saying in broken chinese..."breathe...don't swallow." and I was like hyperventilating trying not to swallow! i could feel the tube inside of my stomach poking around...the whole time i was praying they would pull the tube out. my eyes were watering and i was miserable. I felt like the world's biggest WHIMP! I'm sure they've never had someone so weeny get a scope before! :( but it's over now and no big problems down there!!! (I am sure I would be crying. I am sure Naivasha is much braver than I would have been.)
***I decided that someday I want to come back to Taiwan and other countries to teach english...I also would like to go to Africa and do Humanitarian work...I  think that would be really awesome!
***There is a new church wide thing that's going on is a calling for sisters called "Sister Training Leaders". So 6 sisters in our mission have been called to assist in training the sisters. They'll participate in a council each month with the zone leaders, assistants, and president, travel to go on exchanges with sisters across the mission, and give trainings at conferences. Of our two STLs up here in Taizhong...one is going home on Monday....so Sister Smart is convinced im going STL....which i pray i won't!!! AHHHHHH So scary! There are the equivalent to Sister Zone Leaders! It's insane! My dream calling on a mission would be like a mission-wide English Leader....who went around helping English programs and doing trainings on English Class....I would LOVE THAT!!! There is another English training coming up, and they want me to help with it...but they're worried if I do that they'll seem biased since I get to help out with so many of the APs and Operation Manager's projects ahahahahahaha! Woops!!!

Anywho....I'll let you know next week what all happens!!! I LOVE YOU ALL and hope you have an amazing week. You're all in my prayers! and please don't worry about me! I'm in good hands! LOVE and HUGS!

Bao Jiemei

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