Wednesday, May 15, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 16

Oh my gosh I'm soo short on time i'm sorry!!! This week I only have time to tell about my next week it'll be much more spiritual I promise!!!!
Oh my goodness it was soooo good to talk to you the other day!!! It's hard to believe how much I miss you all, but how glad I am to be here at the same time. Very conflicting emotions! The time has gone by sooo fast, but at the same time not fast enough. Sorry I know you have a lot of questions, but I'll promise I'll answer them. When you described the weather there for Mother's Day and I was trying to imagine it....I couldn't! Even when we have a breeze here, it's so humid that as soon as you're outside the moisture is sticking to I can't imagine what it's like to be cold or hot without sweating....even when I'm cold I'm sweating! hahahaha I'm glad you all had a good Day today though and that you were able to spend some family time together :D
With your youth conference, you and mum are the perfect people for the job! It'll be amazing. When I think of the last six months of my life, it's incredible how many insane experiences I've had. I feel like exactly the same person as when I left, but I know that I've changed drastically, hopefully for the better. My personality is the same, I'm still the same ol' spastic, happy, loud, talk with everyone, person that I was; but I've also seen things that will change my life forever. My spiritual knowledge has grown so much, and I have a new insight on the scriptures and how they apply to my life that I never had before. I've seen so many good and bad relationships that I now know what I want in a future husband, and family. I've lived with many different people and companions and know that it takes a lot a work and prayers to be happy and grow together, and that marriage will not be any different. Overall....I'd say that my mission has changed me completely...and yet not at all. But I still have a we'll see what is yet to happen!
***OKAY I GOT MY GALLBLADDER OUT!!!! WOOOOOOT! the doctor said that when he went in, there was all sorts of fatty tissue and bad dongxi (stuff) surrounding my gallbladder and it was really good I got it out! When I came out of the anethesia, all the nurses were trying to speak English to me and I was only speaking Chinese! They wanted to know why my chinese was so good, so I told them it was God's help. so they wanted to know how long I'd been in Taiwan for, and they were shocked when I said 3 months. They asked what I was doing here, and I was able to bear testimony to them what missionaries were, and what we do, and that God is our Loving Heavenly Father and the gospel blesses families, and that it has really blessed mine. Then I woke up all the way and they were all just so happy and wanted to help me get better as soon as possible hahahahaha the PA also was so cute and kept checking in on me. He also like to practice his really good English on me :D
***Dan Jones!!! So I was released early afternoon on Thursday from the hospital and then slept for a while at the mission home...then that night I got to go help with Dan JOnes!!! and I got to do it with Amanda Burr!!! She's soooo amazing! She jumped up on the box fearlessly and bore her testimony with power, then we went and taught someone a full first, prayed, gave the BOM away, and confirmed them to come to English in 2 weeks....she did it basically all by herself with just a little help from me and sister smart! WOOOOT!
***Moved to Beitun! Amazing area and ward! I"m sooooo excited to meet with these people and continue in my WHITEWASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah! We live with the amazing Sister Trainer Leaders though, so they'll show us the area and help  us out a lot!
***New companion!!!! This one is going to be interesting, but with a lot of prayers and patience, we'll make it work. Her chinese is not very good though, so it'll be a great opportunity for mine to improve drastically! Yeah!
This will be be very exciting and a time for a lot of growth and improvement!!! WOOOOOTTTTTTTT!
Funny moment: an elder told me that when he first met me back in March (2nd transfer) he thought that i was on my 10th transfer and one of the older missionary sisters....WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
WELL LOVE YOU ALL! sorry for the sloppy email! but I'm alive and happy!

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