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chronicle of Vasha 18

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Well Hello there everyone!!!!
I hope everyone is doing well and loving the spring/summer? weather!!!
Moses 7:61
"The heavens shall quake, and also the earth; and great tribulations shall be among the children of men, but my people will I preserve." One questions to go with this....Are we truly His people? are we the ones he will recognize as His and be the ones He will preserve? It's up to us really. Are we doing everything we can to be preserve?
Joseph F. Smith
"All that we have comes from [God] and of ourselve we are but a lifeless lump of clay. Life, intelligence, wisdom, judgement, power to reason, all are the gifts of God to the children of men. He gives us our physical strength as well as our mental powers...We should honor God with our intelligence, with our strength, with our wisdom, and with all the power that we possess. We should seek to do good in the world. This is our duty." Wow....I never thought about this....but every dumb mistake I've made and dumb thing I've ever done, every excuse I made to not do....I was dishonouring God. That's awkward....Everything we have, and everything we ARE comes from God! EVERYTHING we do we must do in rememberence of God and our Saviour....because when we don't. That's when we do stupid things, and that when we dishonour God, and when we dishonour our royal, eternal heritage.
The temple was great! It was just one zone and we did initiatories and then one session. The session is in English, and the Intiatories are in Chinese or english...depends on how many workers there are and what time it is. I also ran into Bro Tung from my mtc branch presidency in the celestial room who happened to be in taiwan for just 2 days! Talk about a miracle! it was good to chat for a minute outside of the temple and catch up :)
The new President and wife are coming in about 3 1/2 -4 weeks? third week in june I believe! It will be different and definitely a change when they come, but it'll will be good as well! new is always good :D Sad to hear about their daughter, but yes they will definitely be understanding :) (they had a daughter who was kill when a younger daughter- got out of the vehicle when the dad was not watching and got ran over by another car. He was trying to help an older daughter with car trouble)
Daddy, Don't forget to plan a motorcycle trip for the two of us next summer when I get home! I'm planning on it! hahahaha sounds like you had fun last weekend and will have fun this weekend! Keep up the hiking too! so you can be in "optimal shape" for the renunion and high adventure :)  hahahahahahaha
I also have been taking out money from my account because my bike has serious problems and we've been working on it...trying to figure out what the real problem is! I've been riding on a borrow elders bike whose crossbar is wayyyy too high for me....and the brakes don't really work too great either....but it's an adventure!
***Mum you sent me the PERFECT package! It is great! I used some of the Jello for a ward activity and they LOVED it! I also brought some licorice to church and gave it to a bunch of the kids.....they ADORE me now (not that they didn't before) and were really disaoppointed when I didn't have anymore hahahaha. It was really good, and I LOVE the picture book! Everyone loves to look and at....and honestly I don't get tire of looking at it either :D hahah THANK YOU!
***By popular request, many people have asked me what I would want if I were to get a package....I tried to think of random things that I have a hard time finding here are a few:
   -boyfirend tshirts from target/walmart [size M]. I can find blouses fine, but too nice, don't fit, or wear out quickly. Just need to tshirts for the summer months 
   -random treat...but mostly just notes and pictures! love looking at them and getting updates on people!
   -Aussie licorice....don't have it here and EVERYONE loves it!
***Random question....does anyone know of a way to ride a bike that also works your inner thighs? my leg muscles are really something hahahahaha bout as good as rugby season but a little slimmer! but it just doesnt work the inner thighs! hahahaha
***Church started at 1:30 this week instead of 2:00....missed that announcment and my tongban ting bu dong'd so we showed up late....whooops! but now we know :D
***Dinner with a young, american couple last sunday! Sooo good, Sooo fun, and Soooo AKWARD! I officially can't speak straight english anymore....wonder what another year of speaking chinese will do for that! hahahah
Well no more time, but i love you all! Have a great, fun, faith filled week. God loves you all! Look for opportunities to serve others! And thank you for the love and support!!!
Love 包姐妹 :D

sister mack and me.  They knew each other whent they were around six years old

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