Tuesday, May 21, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 17

Hello Everyone!!!!

I'm sorry  sooo bad at managing my email time! We only have 1.5 hrs now and getting everything done and email president takes more time than I prepare for. 

Thomas S. Monson
"Our most significant OPPORTUNITIES will be found in times of greatest CHALLENGE."
This is soooo true! My chinese has improved so much this last week, it's incredible!!! The ward also loves me so much, and are SO WILLING to work with me and my comp. I was struggling a little bit with the companionship, but it too is great, and this is going to be an amazing movecall filled with MIRACLES! My characters are also improving rather quickly as well, since I have to lead and read the map in all characters, because my comp struggles with directions a little :D Overall....so many miracles and opportunities, even though it's also very hard!
Sounds like you had a good, busy week! My language has improved drastically and quickly this last week! It's amazing...people never believe that I've been here for only 3 months! hahahahaha They also never think that iIm junior comp. My chinese characters are also improving really quickly with having to read the map!.....yeah I get to the be the leader and navigator!!! The companionship is doing really good, and we're getting into more of a pattern. I think we'll probably only be together for this next 5 weeks....and then we'll probably both train next movecall! Scary! I'm not sure who will move and who will stay...but one of us will prbably whitewash train!
Oh by the way! I had to take money out of my account for two reasons. One I have to eat way healthier now which is much more expensive, and I haven't been reimbursed for the travel expenses by the mission yet, because their financial thingy is down. Also by bike is super messed up! Remember how I fixed it before and got a new tube and everything? Well i have to pump my bike up a few times a day because it won't hold air, so today I think I'm going to have to go and get a whole new back tire and just get stuff figured out....my bike is out of commission completely and i'm using a borrowed one....a boy one who's brakes don't work ahahhahahaa.

The ward is AMAZING! Fengyuan was great....but at first it wasn't at all. We really had to work hard to turn the whole ward around. Now Beitun is completely different! They all love me a lot and love to introduce me to their investigators! It's kinda awkward...cuz I'm the favorite, but it's also great. I love how strong this ward is and how welcoming they are to new people. It's going to be really exciting getting to know them and work together with the to establish the church here in BEitun. :D 

SO is ashton still living in Provo this summer then, until he leaves on his mission? Still taking classes too? Does he still have the same address? or is it different? I have a letter for him, but i wasn't sure where to send it.

This week have been fun and amazing! I already know the area so much better and can find my way around! We have a new chapel that is a bit of a bike ride away, but i was able to study the map and find it right away! We also had the highest attendance at church this week than we've had in a long time, and we were worried because the chapel is much further away and bu fangbian for a lot of people to come!

***So last Saturday night my skirt fell off! It slipped right over my bottom and I caught it just in time! Since starting my mission last November  I've lost near to 30 lbs! AHHHHH!
***A little girl found out I was from America and wanted to know if I was friends with Justin Bieber....so cute!
***We have a weird amount of earthquakes here all the time! They are really small and people here are so xi guan'd  (use to it) that they don't even notice anymore!
***I've been trying to take as good as care of my teeth as possible, because so many missionary's teeth turn yellow just because of the food....but when I ride my bike around with a big, white smile....people are just drawn in and want to know why I'm so happy....then I share the gospel!!!
***It's been amazing this week how much the Lord has helped my memory! Between remembering chinese, characters, and the ward members! I know the Lord truly wants me to succeed here in Beitun! LOVE IT!

Well I hope everyone is well and happy, and they are all looking for opportunities to serve and share the gospel with others! Sorry my emails get shorter and shorter! I love you all and hope you have a splendid week!

Love Bao Jiemei!

Peace be with you, keep the faith, and Godspeed. 
Sister Naivasha Hani Burrows

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