Monday, June 24, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 22

Well hello one and allllll!!!!

First order of business.....I've moved to The GAOXIONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!! 

This is the coveted zone of my mission: Gaoxiong West is the BEST!....hahahaha okay maybe i just really wanted to be in this EXACT area since I did the English Training back in February/March....can't remember when that was....bahhhhhh! I'm also in Elder Gish's ward/area/district! (He was in Sister Burrows MTC group) Remember him?  So last Sunday/Monday we were waiting on edge all day for the phone call to find out if Sister McKay or I would be training....praying that we wouldn't. Houla (good thing) neither of us got the call so we were SUPER excited! then on Thursday morning we got the call inviting us to Dan Jones with the new missionaries! I was so excited because I LOVE DAN JONES-ing!  So before we were going to head over to Yi Zhong Jie for dinner, we were at the Mission Office picking up supplies and President Bishop came in and was like "Can I talk to you two for a moment in my office?" 

We were like "oh oh ...DANG IT!" so we went in and sat down...I was trying to figure out what I did wrong THIS TIME and he was like "I just want you to know that I know that I told you in Interviews that one of you would be training this next movecall, but we only had 4 sisters come in so we did need that many trainers it's not because I think you are inadequate." I was thinking I'm actually really glad I'm not and don't feel bad at all!!!! Then, "also I'm really pleased with what you have been doing building up Beitun and I'm going to keep you two together to prepare it for training next movecall. I don't know for sure that you'll be training with the new president, but it's most likely." So we were like we're gonna stay...YESSS!!!! I absolutely LOVE Beitun! 

So we went and bought food and were getting reading for the next movecall....THEN Saturday morning during personal study I was out with my Liahona and scriptures making my breakfast and I hear our cell number being recited in the other room, Sister Hsiao came out and I was like who are you giving our number to? She said, its President Bishop!  I GRABBED all my dongxi and fled into the bedroom yelling to my comp "He's calling! He's calling right now! PRESIDENT IS CALLING!"  so she answered and I was convinced that he was calling to tell her that she was emergency training, because one of the trainers got really sick and is going home but NOOOOO!!!!! "I've tried everything I can, to arrange it to keep you two together, but.......I need Sister Burrows to be Da Tongban (Senior Comp)" NOOOOOOO! then he couldn't remember where I was going or with who. I had to wait until 10:15 that night to find out! Now I'm in Xiaogang with Sister Laurie Haupt! And I'm her "breaker,"  her second companion in her 3rd movecall.....I'm way young to go senior so everyone is like shocked!  but everyone is going senior earlier now, especially the sisters because of all the new missionaries. luckily....her Chinese is PERFECT!!!! YESSSS! She's from Springville, and she's studied Chinese since she was like 13. She's also a professional pianist and has toured to Asia....Super Lihai (amazing. Sister Burrows and Sister Haupt can have fun playing duet on the piano).

Sorry this email doesn't really fit the usual mold, but it's been super crazy today and this last week! Everyone in Beitun Ward was really upset that I was leaving and I'm sad to leave, I loved them soooo much, but I'm excited to be in a new place and getting to meet new people!!!
I'm so scared to go senior comp, so prayers sent my way would be appreciated! Also I need to super nuli (work harder) and just be a good example to other of our zone leaders in my old area told me I need to be a better example hahahah , well the work is good, my mission is crazy (but what's new?!), the gospel is true! Also I've seen 47 cats since iIve gotten to taiwan, but apparently there are way more down here in the south, so I'm going to have to pay special attention!
Hope on. Journey on. and Never stop believing!!!!! Thank you Grandpa and grandma for the money. I am very grateful.  I will write you a real letter.

LOVE, Bao Jiemei <3

P.S. Daddy, we mostly get new investigators through English, Streeting (Street Contacting), and depending on the area, Housing (or tracting). In Beitun we went Housing a lot because we didn't have a large investigator pool, but here in Xiaogang, Sister Haupt says they don't go housing very often, but we'll see! We also get self contacted sometimes by random people. 
Hey Mummy, I don't know if this is possible, but if you could put some money in my account tomorrow, that would be great. Sorry. This has been an expensive transfer/movecall. I have to pay to ship all my stuff down, and they'll reimburse it all, but that takes a few weeks and I hve to have my stuff shipped down here.

Hey I just want to say Thank you for Everything...and I LOVE YOU! I hope you both have splendid weeks! LOVE LOVE LOVE you both!!!!

Sister Burrows has become quite adept at fixing bikes 

After fixing her companion's bike, and going uphills to their destination.  I am sure sister Burrows is quite in her element.

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