Friday, July 12, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 23

July 1st 2013

Well Hello There EVERYONE!!!! :D 

Gaoxiong has been fantastic! Everything i hoped for and more! My companion 賀姐妹 He4 Jiemei and I have had so many miracles this week! Gaoxiong is very different than up north in Taizhong. It really is a separate mission, there is a whole different feel and everything. Everything and everyone is much more relaxed. Including the missionaries. It's very strange. At first i was worried and wondering if there was going to be a obedience problem, but nope it's all good! My companion 賀姐妹 is amazing and perfectly obedient! We've seen so many miracles this week that i'll talk about later, and I know that it's because of our obedience, and the faith that we have that the Lord will give us success this movecall!

Keith B. McMullin:
"Duty does not require perfection, but it does require diligence."

Ecclesiastes 12:13
"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."

I think that these two quotes/scripture go perfectly together! I also think that Duty can require perfection. Perfection in Obedience and Faith. We ourselves are not perfect beings, we all make mistakes, it is impossible for us to become perfect as God and Jesus are, but we can strive for it. We can also be perfectly and exactly obedience and exercise perfect Faith. If our whole goal is to be perfect, then why don't we strive to make the things that have the ability to become perfect perfect? Hmmmmmm....worth thinking about i think :D

***I'm the new English Leader for our English Unit down in the Xiaogang/Qianzhan District. It is a scary thought that I, Naivasha Burrows, am supposed to be leading an organizing a whole English Unit. Good thing I love English Class so much! I've switched things up a lot, and keep it organized. During our English Meeting on Wednesday, had everything all planned out, conducted the meeting, and had planned/assigned all the spiritual shares and training segments for the whole move call. Everyone kept looking at me weird and I was thinking that i was doing something wrong, but then the DL and ZLs told me that they've never been to a English Mtg that was so organized, planned, and thought out. I was worried, but they are willing to follow and support me....soooo let's hope we can do a good job! Also our Party Theme for week 6 of the movecall is "Ninjas in Space" so if anyone can think of any fun game or activities involving ninjas or space.....PLEASEEEE let me know! 
***We found the most delicious food place called Hobo's Diner! It's this man who's from Kentucky, grew up in Cali, fought in 'Nam, and now is living in Taiwan married to a nice little Taiwanese lady. They have American food and it's really good! and the prices are pretty bu cuo! yeah yeah yeah!!!
***We went on a search on Friday for a Filipino lady who had bu jian'd and we showed up at her house but it was all closed up. We called her number like 3 times but each time the call was rejected like right away. So while my companion was writing her a note to leave in the mailbox (because she can read and write characters....I'm telling you she's studied Chinese since she was 13 so it's PERFECT), i stood outside under a window and yelled up to the 3rd story "MYLENE!!!! MYLENE MORALES JIEMEI!!!! MISS MORALES!!!! ARE YOU HOME?!?!?! NI ZAI JIA MA?!!" in mostly English.....then.....the garage door started to open slowly! it was super awkward because it was opening soooo slowly and we couldn't see inside and so we had to wait and see if it was her....and it was! and then we shang'd ke (teach) with english! Awkard! and she gave us her correct number! And we set up to meet with her this coming week. MIRACLE OF THE FOUND LOST
***We also have a RC that is LA....the same day we found Sister Morales, we went to her house to see if she was home because she had also bu jian'd (disappeared). They didn't answer while 賀姐妹 was writing another note...i jokingly started yelling "Song Jiemei! Ni zai jia ma?" up to the 2nd story....AND SHE CAME OUT TOO!!!! and we Shang'd ke with her and set up with her as well!!!! 
***So our day was going to good, we thought it was too good to be true....but we'd had an investigator who backed out of her baptism at the last second and then ran off to Singapore....we weren't sure if she was back yet or not....but we figured we'd go check and see if our luck had run out....IT HADN"T! we ran the doorbell, waited forever and no one came, so i rang it again just to see....and SHE ANSWERED, MIRACLE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
***We also have a secondary area called Linyuan. It's about an hour bike ride south and it is on the OCEAN!!! I am in fact on an island! i have seen the ocean...i know it's true now! hahahahaha We looked up every single female member we had down there and found EVERY SINGLE ONE! or if they had moved, we were able to talk to their neighbors and get information....
Overall, this week has been absolutely amazing and i'm having a blast! It's been a weird transition as everything down here is completely laid back and chill.....but we're still able to get to work and start on our plan of OPERATION BAPTISM INFERNO! 賀姐妹 and i are planning on seeing more miracles this week, trusting in the Lord, and GETTING TO WORK.. 

The work is hard, the gospel is true, and God is with us always! Hope on. Journey on. and Never stop believing! :)

LOve Bao Jiemei! 包姐妹

Peace be with you, keep the faith, and Godspeed. 
Sister Naivasha Hani Burrows

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