Tuesday, July 30, 2013

chronicle of Vasha 27

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT"S SOOOOO GOOOD! ahhhhhhhhhh! THis is huge news! OH MY 

GOODNESS!!!!!!!!You're going to be the best ever! and this will be good for mama as

 well!!! (Dana has been called to be the first counselor at BYU to Bishop Paul Hansen of BYU 168 ward)

I have extactly 6 minutes to type this email so i apologize for the shortness and lameness of it! 

AMBER GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH SON!!!!!!!!! BOOOOM! She's gonna be

 the most golden, active, eternally converted member EVER! The baptismal service was also 

amazing and the ward actually participated, attended, and provided refreshments after! 

That has NEVER happened in Xiaogang! It's amazing and i'm soooo glad that our efforts of working with the ward are paying off! Also her baptism was the quickest, literal "dunking" i've ever seen! Her friend Bro Hong (age 20) baptized her and she told him before hand that if he failed the first time she'd have someone else do it.....so he threw her under the water and yanked her back up...in like .05 seconds! hahahahahaha soooo freaking funny!!! But she was in an out and he did not fail! SUCCESS! 

Sister Haupt and I are doing really great! I had a bit of a humbling experience this week, and 
I'm continuing to pray for humility and patience. I was in the wrong this week and was 

corrected by our new Zone Leader in an awkward way aka he was super not tactful and 

there was no increase of love! (D&C 121) I did not handle the situation very well and got 

defensive. I apologized about an hour later  I need to be obedient humble. I set a goal to be 

humble and obedient to ALL my leaders, whether or not i agree with their xiangfa. I'm 

continuing to be humbled and taught lessons be the Lord everyday, maybe someday i'll 

finally learn! Because of this experience, i've also decided to study Humility, Obedience, and

 Patience this week in my personal study. I pray the Lord with help me to become the

 missionary and follower he needs me to be. 

night on the way home from the baptism. We had to be home by 9pm since we did not have a lesson, and we were hauling down the street when i see this like 90ish yr old lady with a cane and a huge empty water jug tottering down the middle of the highway....so i told sis haupt we were gonna be late getting home and pulled over. we saw a guy pull up to her on his scooter and we watched to see if he would give her a ride, but he just tried to herd her over to the sidewalk to she would be a danger to the cars! what the?! so we rode over to her, and this 20 something girl pulled up on her scooter and tried to help her but we finally tried to  convince her to go with the girl. so  we had to get her onto the back of the scooter.....no easy feat! it took three of us with me holder her under her arms.....wow she was sweaty!....but we got her all settled, sent her on her way, and i'm just gonna assume it all went okay and she got her water? yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!

Well that's all the time i have today, but i love you all and hope you all have splendid weeks! Hope On. Journey On. and Don't ever stop Believing!!!


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